Atomica   GOOD like lines but squares
Aqua Energizer
Alchemy   cover table - match element +++
Battleship   Find the ships

Spy academy

  missions to complete ++
Push Pull   get all blocks down
Blix   Drive square to center
Telescope Game   drive ball to hole - levels
Pearls Game   leave the last pearl
Word Up   build words ++
Word Drop Game  
Bookworm   link letters - make words +
Letter Rip Pick letters build words
Text Twist   yahoo build words with letters
WordStalk   slow make words
Word Shark   speed typing game
Bounce Out   Swap balls get 3 row - fast -levels
Diamonds   Swap and complete 3 in line
Big Money   Collect coins - click on groups of 3+
Da' Numba Add numbers to match sample
Slide Out   set and eliminate lines of 3
Carnival Jackpot Swap balls and complete lines of at least 3 balls of same color.
Santa Balls 2  
Topsy Turvy Eliminate same color balls.
CrashDown   eliminate same color groups of squares
Crash Down
Break Down   Eliminate them all
Collapse   Click on matching colors +
QBz   click on grouped colors
Aqua Blocks   eliminate all blocks by grouped colors
Driller   drill matching color blocks
Event Horizon   match color in rotatory tunnel
Cabeem   zaap clusters of same color
Virus   conquer spots -fight opposite color virus invader
Catapult   Nice physics game
Slingshot Santa dropping santa at a distance
flasxed   Easy puzzle
Dodge   Guide block avoid elements
Frog Mania   Catch insects
Flash Pegs   Remove pegs solitaire
Flip Flap   Keep the balls rolling
Gears   Make them work
Drag Mania Drag green point to end of laberynth
Gridlock   Unlock the puzzle and free th exit
Traffic Jam Car game - move the cars and get out
lines   Lines of 5 for addictive thinkers
MasterMind   Classic logic game - find the sequence
Logic Puzzles   sequence OK - plastelina.net
Shuffle Puzzle   good think to solve shufflebrain.com
Matches   move matches find solution
Rubik's Cube The cube game
Simon Swears A Simon memory game
Mancala Bugs   Bugs game
Minesweeper   The popular mine find puzzle
Candy Train   Build rails and pick up cookies - wagons
Animal Maze Making   Build bridge to cross
  ok match and close tubes
Rotation   rotate and match samples
Robotik   pick up springs
Playing with Fire   Don't do it at home
Shapion   3d pieces to fit holes - timed
English 16 Transpose pieces
Tactix   Avoid removing last piece

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